Beautiful woman's smile after getting teeth whitening treatment

It is wise to have one’s teeth whitened before opting for crowns in Atlanta. Teeth whitening is a far more simple procedure than having crowns inserted on one’s tooth or teeth. Also, even though one has to get it done time and again, the pain and the cost involved in teeth whitening is far less.

Teeth whitening versus crowns

Having crowns placed on one’s teeth basically, means involving a far more complicated procedure for getting a suitable smile back on your face. This may involve more than one session at the dentist also depending upon the severity of the case which is being treated. However, in the case of whitening, the process is simple enough and without much of discomfort. Whitening, for that matter, can even be tried out at home.

If the crown is being placed for cosmetic reasons alone, then whitening is the solution to be tried out before. However, if it is broken or chipped teeth which are to be treated with the placement of dental crowns, then obviously whitening is not the answer to the given problem. For this issue, it is dental crowns which are the right method to opt for.

Types of teeth whitening

Teeth can be whitened in several ways. One is to get a dental procedure done. During this, a whitening paste or gel is applied or smeared onto the teeth. A specialized light is then passed through this to harden this layer on the teeth. The resultant effect is teeth which are brighter by several shades. However, teeth yellowing or staining can happen again after a few months. The procedure will have to be repeated time and again to have healthy, white teeth.  

The other method to opt for is to do the whitening procedure at home. This is with the help of whitening trays. The trays are to be worn over the teeth at night and even for a given duration during the day for several days. At the end of it, one begets oneself teeth which are several grades whiter than what they previously were. Then on, one is required to wear the whitening tray only once in a few days, for a few hours in a day, to retain the new, whiter shade of the teeth.

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