Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure with which the teeth get whitened by several degrees or grades. It can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic. For teeth whitening in the dental clinic, one has first to have the teeth prepped up for it. Then, a whitening gel or paste is smeared onto the teeth. A laser beam is passed through the teeth for a given duration of time at a given intensity. This will, in turn, “stick” the gel or paste onto the teeth and thereby, whiten them up. This procedure may be repeated once more time for effective results.

However, one has to be very careful of the follow-up treatment after teeth are whitened. This is because teeth which have been whitened can get stained again. This is if the patient does not follow good oral hygiene habits. Thus, the patient should make it a point to brush his or her teeth at least twice for two minutes each time during the day. What works the best is to brush each time after food or drinks intake. However, this may not be possible, and thus a person should then at least rinse his or her mouth very properly each time after consuming anything at all.

How is teeth whitening done at home?

Teeth can be whitened at home as well. This is with the help of whitening trays. A tray is manufactured in the dental laboratory by taking imprints of the teeth and gums. After this, the tray is taken home and some whitening gel or paste applied to it. It is then placed over the existing set of teeth. Slowly but surely, the teeth get whitened. Again, this procedure is not a permanent solution to this malady since the whitened teeth can get re-stained. This may happen if a person consumes too much tea or coffee or drinks like red wine et al. Also, teeth can get re-stained if a person smokes or takes in some other nicotine-based products or even eats food items like beet roots.

Also, teeth whitening can also be done with the use of several over-the-counter items. This includes whitening gums which need to be chewed upon for a given duration of time for them to be effective. Again, this is not a permanent solution to this whole issue, and a good deal of aftercare is needed. Also, whitening tooth pastes are available in the market today, and these too will enable teeth to get whiter by several degrees.

Other procedures for teeth whitening include having a dental crown or cap placed on top of the teeth. This will “hide” or “mask” the staining in the teeth. Dental veneers, too, serve the same function. These, however, cover up only the front surface of the tooth or teeth and this is the portion in which the staining of the tooth or teeth is visible.

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