Most people dream of having a perfect smile. Nothing is better at boosting one’s confidence and self-esteem than a mouth of full of pearly whites. Staining and discoloration are caused by a number of factors, from the consumption of certain types of food (drinking excessive amounts of coffee) to lifestyle choices (smoking) to genetic predispositions. In addition, uneven teeth or those that are chipped can be equally irritating. Fortunately, developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry have virtually put an end to these common troubles. One visit to an Atlanta cosmetic dentist can put an end to your troubles once and for all.

Advancements in Dental Cosmetics

Silver amalgam was the filling material of choice for the better part of the 20th century, and is still widely used today. Despite its effectiveness and long-lasting durability, however, the metal is aesthetically off-putting and can be embarrassing for those who have it installed.

Although having a filling placed in a rear molar is unnoticeable, the same cannot be said of one that is in the front of a patient’s mouth. Porcelain ceramic is just one of the many new material types that offers all the same benefits, but with the added one of closely matching the appearance of the original tooth. Doctors have many ways of treating these conditions quickly and in the least invasive ways possible. You don’t have to live with crooked or stained teeth, nor do you have to worry about paying for an expensive procedure. If you are interested in having some work done, contact your local Atlanta dentist for further information. They can explain in detail what methods are available for your specific needs.

Other Cosmetic Options

  • Teeth whitening—due to its simplicity and the amazing results that can be attained by the  procedure, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments currently available. Years of stains can be removed with one session, and continued treatment can help whiten your teeth to a degree they may have never been previously. Your Atlanta dentist may prescribe a take-home kit or perform the whitening session in the office.
  • Bonding—when teeth are unevenly shaped, bonding is a sound treatment option. It entails the placement of a hard plastic or resin material that is cemented a patient’s teeth by way of laser light technology. Appearance and functionality is fully maintained. The results are not permanent, but are guaranteed to last for a long time with proper care.
  • Veneers—if you are suffering from chipped teeth or those that are severely discolored, your Atlanta cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers. These custom-fit caps protect the integrity of the teeth and keep them looking great.

Downtown Atlanta Dentistry specializes in the application of Atlanta porcelain veneers and many other cosmetic services. Contact us today to learn more!