A patient may continue seeing the same dentist for many years especially if they have grown accustomed to the routine visits. However, it can all change after moving to a new place due to work, school, or family matters. It would be quite a hassle to travel a certain amount of distance, so it is best to find a new practice to stay on track of an excellent oral condition.

New to Atlanta, GA? Why not consider visiting our office at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry! We cater to first-time visits, and we aim to establish lasting relationships with our patients. As we are committed to helping them in any way we can, the services available at our practice are CEREC (one day) crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign, and other cosmetic dental procedures.


Dental Visit


Joining a new dental practice may make anyone feel anxious, but it does not have to be inconvenient or nerve-wracking. So, to properly prepare for the first dental visit, here are some tips!

See the practice beforehand

Try to visit the dental office to become familiar with the dentists, staff, facility, and the area where it is located. It is also the time to ask about important information like schedulings, insurance coverage, or payment options to be more aware.

Fill out the necessary forms

When visiting the dental office, make sure to fill up the new patient or consent forms. These forms are often available on websites, so try to check for convenience. Doing so will help the staff and dentists determine the type of care a patient needs. They may also request requirements like medical and previous dental records, as well as a list of medications taken. These will give the dental professional an idea of how to provide the best care possible.

Share previous experience

Let the staff know about individual preferences. For instance, chair positioning, anesthetic choices, medications, and favorite music or shows. All these will give them the chance to provide a comfortable and effective approach in oral health care for a particular patient. If there are any negative experiences in the past, make sure to say so for them to make the dentist aware of what to avoid.

Always remember: It is better to ask any questions in mind for it can help in making one feel at ease. It can ensure that the first visit to routine appointments would go as smoothly as possible!

We at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry can cater to Your First Visit in Atlanta, GA. Book your appointment with us and let us help you achieve or maintain excellent overall oral health!