Choosing the right pediatric dentist can affect the way that your children perceive dental care for the rest of their life. If their first experience with a dentist was scary, uncomfortable and painful than any subsequent visits will be difficult.

Finding the Right Dentist

Many parents on tight budgets consider cost first and while that is an important consideration it is also necessary to consider other factors. Ask friends, co-workers and family for recommendations. You can also ask your child’s pediatrician if they know of a great dentist that treats children. Ask if a dentist in Atlanta, Ga. has specialized training in treating children.

How Will They Care For Your Child?

Children have different dental needs than adults. Thumb-sucking, pacifier use and teeth grinding are some of the issues they face and you should make sure that the Atlanta DDS you choose is knowledgeable in how to help with these habits. Your child’s dentist should be able to educate your child on proper dental hygiene, as well as provide safe and effective methods to deal with tooth decay or other dental issues. Also you may want to consider if the dentist you choose is prepared to handle emergencies such as a tooth that gets knocked out or chipped.

The Office Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your Atlanta dentist‘s office can have an impact on your child’s experience. Look for a positive, comfortable kid-friendly atmosphere. The staff should strive to make the experience comfortable for your child and be open to answer any questions. If your child is scared or crying make sure that they  respond in a calm, patient and caring manner.

Downtown Atlanta Dentistry provides dental care for all ages. It is our goal to make the experience comfortable and fun for a smaller patients. We realize that a child’s visit to our offices can set the tone for a lifetime of dental care. We work with all of our patients to educate them on proper dental hygiene. You can be assured that our Atlanta, Ga. dentists will provide the best care for your child and the rest of your family.