Before the emergence of porcelain, hydrogen peroxide, and composite resin, people in the past utilized unusual materials to improve their smiles. They started taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry practices 3000 BC ago. Although modern facilities and techniques are not yet present during those times, some of the methods that ancient individuals used are indeed remarkable.


Cosmetic Dentistry


The Strange Things

No one likes to live with an incomplete set of teeth. Even people living thousands of years ago looked for ways to aid missing teeth. They used ivory, bone, and real human teeth as replacements for lost teeth. On the other hand, the Egyptians performed a more barbaric procedure by hammering seashells in the person’s gums to combat the unsightly appearance of their smiles due to missing teeth.

An even weirder method

In the present day, those who would like to change their haircut often go to the salon. But what if we tell you that during the early 1100s  people used to run to the local barber to have their dental work done?

Oddly Satisfying

Whitening toothpaste is not a thing of the past – and so is floss! Guess what? People before are fond of cleaning their teeth with the help of sticks! Luckily, the fabrication of the first bristle toothbrush took place when the 1400s came. But it is not your typical brush; it is uniquely made from animal hair.

The Real Birth

The 1800s became a turning point for dentistry. Instead of sticking to carved dentures and human teeth, metals were made available to replace lost teeth. Around 1770, the first dentures tailored from porcelain materials dawned. The creation of rubber-based false teeth and durable jacket crown happened as well.

The technological era

Along with the advances in technology comes the popularity of cosmetic dentistry services. Lasers, state-of-the-art mediums, and improved techniques are now used to give people a more comfortable experience. Many dental offices like us at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry deliver different treatments to provide patients with an ever beautiful-looking smiles.


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