Atlanta's Dental Crowns

Dentistry Crowns are a type of tooth-shaped customized dental prosthetics that cover our damaged teeth, or any implants, to protect them while maintaining their shape size as well as their color. This type of dental restoration helps cap the entire tooth, encircling it and keeping it intact. There can be cases of cavities which can cause a major threat to the overall dental health of a person, in these cases dentistry crowns are the messiah for our teeth and our oral health. They are fabricated and are bonded to our teeth with the help of dental cement. They tend to, therefore, enhance the strength and appearance of one’s teeth. The reason they are so popular and a boon to the field of dentistry are because this particular dental procedure tends to restore back the strength of the teeth and its shape and size. It helps people face the world confidently, even if they are missing their original teeth. Because of their versatility, they are a popular choice among many.

Dentistry Crowns tend to solve the following problems:

  • They help in the replacement of large fillings
  • They help protect the weak teeth from fractures.
  • They restore fractured teeth
  • They help in the attachment of a dental bridge
  • They help cover the dental implants
  • They can cover our discolored and misshapen teeth.
  • They can cover the tooth that has recently undergone the root canal treatment
  • These are some of the many benefits the dentistry crowns provide to all of us. They might be a bit expensive as a dental restorative method but are the best when it comes to restoring our dental health and strength.

At our clinic in Atlanta, GA dentistry crown is a popular choice for our patients. This is because:

  • Cosmetic reasons – Dentistry crowns are made out of composite resin/ porcelain. They tend to improve the overall look of our broken teeth, cracked teeth, or misshapen teeth. They can also give us cosmetic benefits by hiding our discolored teeth, giving our smiles the sparkly white touch. They hence, restore the cosmetic benefits of your smiles.
  • Natural-looking – the materials- Porcelain and composite resin that make up our dentistry crowns are natural looking. They resemble the natural look of our teeth. They completely mimic the overall sheen, luster and the translucent properties of our natural teeth. Thus, dentistry crowns tend to restore the damages of our natural teeth and give us the illusion of a healthy looking natural smile.
  • Stain-proof– Dentistry crowns are made from porcelain or composite resin material which are stain resistant.
  • Durability – Dentistry Crowns tend to last for about five-fifteen years. It depends upon on the way you take care of them. They tend to not put excessive pressure on our teeth in regards to grinding and teeth clenching.You can expect you dentistry crowns to last for really long.
  • They do not slip – Dentistry crowns, unlike other dental prosthetics, tend not to shift or slide. They stay in place because they are fixed or cemented over our teeth. They are anchored into a specific place and replace the damages of our teeth. The fact that they do not move or slip, they save you a lot of embarrassment.

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