Teeth whitening is a procedure which removes staining of teeth. Via this,before and after teeth whitening procedure in Atlanta the yellowish stains on the teeth are taken care of, and we end up having a bright and sparkling smile. Teeth whitening can be done at the dental clinic as well as at home. The procedures followed at home may not give as good results as those which are undertaken in the dental clinic.


How does the dentist whiten teeth?

At the dental clinic, the dentist first cleans up the teeth to be whitened. These are then smeared with whitening gel. A specialized beam of light is passed through the teeth for a given duration of time at a particular intensity. This ends up whitening the teeth by several grades. This procedure is not permanent. It is only temporary and lasts for as long as a person takes very good oral hygiene care of the teeth. Constant eating of foods like beetroots or consumption of coffee et al. will result in teeth staining again after a given duration of time.

Sometimes the treatment in the dental office is not enough. At such times, the dentist gives a device to the patient which he or she can smear with a whitening paste and wear for a few hours during the day and night. This too will start showing results after a week or two of constant use for a given number of hours each day.

Which over the counter medications are available for teeth whitening?

There are teeth whitening toothpaste which have a given amount of fluoride in them. With prolonged use of these, teeth start appearing whiter. These two need to be used on a regular basis for effective results. Along with this, one can even use whitening gum. This too will be useful for a given duration of time only and will not last forever. Oral hygiene maintenance in all these cases is a real must where a patient ought to take full care of his or her teeth by brushing regularly twice a day for two minutes each time. Also, regular flossing is highly recommended.

Teeth whitening is a procedure which can be undertaken at almost any age of the person concerned. Also, it must be remembered that there is no pain involved in this line of treatment. Several patients are under the false impression that this treatment involves a great deal of discomfort. This is not true at all as is reinforced by dentists.

How else can a person’s smile be restored?

In place of whitening procedures, the patient can also go in for having a dental crown or cap placed on top of the tooth. This too will cover the staining in the teeth. Also, the person can have dental veneers placed or cemented on top of the surface of the tooth or teeth as the case may be. This will also give a cover to the staining in the tooth or teeth.

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