1. Oral and dental care if extremely important. The sooner we realize this, the better it is for us. For one, it means lesser number of trips to the dentist and having surgeries and procedures performed on us. This in itself is a big relief.
  2. Oral and dental care means one has a sparkling smile with pearly, shining white teeth at all times. This is such a pleasant sight to see and behold in others – then obviously it is for us too to have such a nice and bright set of teeth.
  3. No toothaches and headaches due to dental issues is a big thing. A toothache, as per some, is the second most painful ache in the body after a heart attack. Thus, if we are done with toothaches, it means a lot of problems sorted out right at the very onset.
  4. Regular oral and dental care also mean that we keep ailments like oral cancer at bay. Regular check-ups mean that we are screened for such ailments which can even turn life-threatening if they are allowed to progress into later stages.
  5. Also, regular check-ups will also screen us for dental maladies like gingivitis. This ailment can turn into a much harsher version called periodontitis if it is allowed to progress. Thus, it is a good idea to go in for regular oral and dental care.
  6. Dental health care on a regular basis means that even our milk teeth are taken care of. Some of the children these days do not care much for the milk teeth thinking these are soon going to fall off. This is an incorrect approach since our oral and dental habits are best formed during childhood years.
  7. Oral and dental care also means that we get counseling about good dietary habits which will ensure that our teeth and gums stay healthy and strong. This is good for our systems, and it bodes well for us at all times.
  8. Oral and dental care also means that we are screened for irregular or misaligned teeth. In events our teeth are irregular, we can get counseled for dental health about when to get braces, aligners or retainers placed on our teeth. This will help matters in us getting a smiling visage with straightened, regular kind of teeth.
  9. Oral and dental care on a regular basis will ensure that we do not get stained or yellowed teeth. Thus it saves us the time, effort and money to have our teeth cosmetically whitened. This has to be done if our teeth are stained since it does not give a good look at all and speaks of oral mismanagement and neglect of our teeth and gums.
  10. If teeth are not properly taken care of on time, it means bigger and more complicated problems later on. Thus, it is a wise decision to take care of teeth and gums on a regular basis to avoid getting into lengthy and complicated dental programs later on in the day.