When the time comes to get braces, your dentist in Atlanta, Ga. can offer you a choice between standard braces and  Invisalign. Invisalign is a virtually undetectable product that is custom designed using 3-D technology. More than 70 percent of our nation’s dentists offer Invisalign as an orthodontic option, including Downtown Atlanta Dentistry. When making the choice between standard braces and  Invisalign there are several things to consider.


Many patients don’t realize that there are similar costs with both standard braces and Invisalign. One benefit to standard braces is that they are usually covered by most insurance plans, while Invisalign may not be.


Invisalign in Atlanta wins hands down for comfort. There are several reasons that  Invisalign is more comfortable for the patient.  Invisalign consists of a smooth molded plastic that is much more pliable than the sharp metal of standard braces that can irritate the inside of your cheeks and gums. You can also remove the Invisalign aligner.


Both standard and  Invisalign braces straighten teeth but not everyone qualifies for  Invisalign. Your cosmetic dentist in Atlanta will need to evaluate your needs and then recommend the best solution for you.

Dental Care

Proper dental hygiene is extremely important, and with standard braces it can be challenging. Standard braces create hard to get to nooks and crannies where food  and bacteria can thrive. With Invisalign you can remove the plastic mold so you can brush and floss your teeth properly. This is a big advantage and one of the main reasons that Downtown Atlanta Dentistry  will suggest  Invisalign as an orthodontic solution.


Choosing the  Invisalign orthodontic program means that you only need to visit your Atlanta dentist office every four to six weeks.  Invisalign is also very convenient to use, as well as comfortable.

A visit to Downtown Atlanta Dentistry will give you a chance to discuss your options and decide if standard braces or Invisalign is the best solution to meet your individual needs.