Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta 

Restoring and keeping a beautiful smile is our mission for each and every patient. Cosmetic, or esthetic dentistry, is the art of creating a beautiful smile that is healthier, more comfortable and gives you a younger look.

Cosmetic dentists in Atlanta have become some of the most in-demand and specialized kinds, and you want to make sure you’re getting top services from the ones you choose. Both of our doctors have taken advanced courses in esthetics at LSU’s dental school in New Orleans, advanced occlusion courses with Dr. Jimmy Eubanks in Dallas and Dr. Jeff Morley at UCLA, as well as numerous other courses, including local ones in Atlanta.

Services for Every Need

When you think of Atlanta cosmetic dentistry, you may think of veneers, bonding, tooth-colored fillings and tooth whitening in Atlanta. However, these are just some of the services we provide. Cosmetic dentistry incorporates all aspects of dental care in order to ensure that the final results will be nothing less than a beautiful smile that is also functionally healthy.

With advanced techniques and materials, we can give a beautiful smile to people who have lost teeth, or have old restorations that are not attractive, discolored teeth, or teeth that have aged or worn and no longer have a youthful appearance. Some of the techniques we employ include the following:

  • Using natural-looking porcelain to cover unappealing teeth and make tooth-colored fillings
  • Reshaping your teeth
  • Using Invisalign orthodontics
  • Tooth whitening (bleaching) using Zoom! or home products

Using cosmetic dentistry practices, we can replace ugly fillings or crowns with CEREC® porcelain restorations within the same day. We can also remake a smile that shows too much gum or use implants to replace missing teeth in a way that blends in and makes them look no different than the existing teeth. Check out the dramatic changes our previous customers have enjoyed!

Contact us today to make an appointment for your cosmetic dentistry work. We are located in Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta.