Dr. T. Gregory Phillips and Dr. George Phillips announce a new name for their established Atlanta dentist office, Downtown Atlanta Dentistry. They will still offer exceptional patient services such as standard dental procedures, thorough evaluations and cosmetic dentistry.

When you visit Downtown Atlanta Dentistry you can expect the same quality care that their staff has always provided while you relax in their convenient and comfortable downtown offices. Whether you are visiting to receive your regular check-up or to discuss invisible braces in Atlanta, Downtown Atlanta Dentistry is your best choice.

Your dental health is very important and it is imperative that you have an exceptional team of dental professionals overseeing you and your family’s dental needs. A visit to an Atlanta dentist can be a bit scary for some and Downtown Atlanta Dentistry takes pride in making their patients as comfortable as possible. They offer stereo headphones, cable television, oral pharmacological agents, local anesthetics and nitrous oxide gas to alleviate any discomfort and to make the experience more relaxing.

Downtown Atlanta Dentistry takes patient education very seriously. It is important that their patients understand proper oral hygiene techniques to help keep their smiles bright. In each treatment room the CAESY® video education system is displayed on a flat-screen video system. The content is designed to provide the latest information available that will allow patients to learn more about their dental care and also to demonstrate the methods and products that are offered by Downtown Atlanta Dentistry to help meet the goals of your personal treatment plan.

You can be assured that all that has changed is our name. We still provide the quality patient care that you learned to expect during your visit to Phillips and Phillips. Whether you are a current patient or you are looking for an Atlanta dentist, you will find that Downtown Atlanta Dentistry can provide for all of your dental needs with professionalism and a sincere concern for each patient’s health and well-being.