Perhaps you do not always hear about oral cancer, but it is as dangerous and deadly as any cancer known to men. And while there are a few cases compared to the more widespread cancers, it is a must to know more about this cancer that can ruin your life and literally shut your mouth forever.

Around the world, there are cases of new victims of cancer every hour. Ever since this incurable disease surfaced, millions have suffered, given up and died from the different parts of the body that it attacks. In in those millions, thousands are newly diagnosed but less than half survives from oral cancer. This cancer attacks the initial airway and food entrance of our body and can literally silence a person in no time. Just like any dreaded cancer, oral cancer is a disease that can be suppressed but can also resurface with an even higher threat.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Studies have been conducted in order to determine the causes of oral cancer and a huge part of statistics show HPV (human papillomavirus), particularly HPV16, can actually be the cause. HPV has also been link to many other cancers and is still being studied. Since HPV can be spread through skin to skin and/or sexual contact, it is no wonder why oral cancer is one its result as it infects the human body. Up until today, only a vaccine that can prevent certain types of HPV strain is available and not everyone has the privilege and access to these vaccines.

Another reason that experts are pinpointing is the lifestyle of a person. If a person lives in a poor state of health or have too many vices, chances are there will be medical issues, including oral cancer that his body will acquire. However, there are also a number of oral cancer cases that healthy individuals develop this disease. This is why further research is being made in order to understand oral cancer further.

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer that You Must Be Aware Of

Tissue changes in the mouth and gums are typically the first indications of oral cancer. Various lesions that might show you have cancer include white and red sores. White sores, also referred to as leukoplakia, present as patches on the tongue, in the mouth, or on the inside of the cheek as a result of long-lasting inflammation. White lesions might not constantly be associated with oral cancer, but if you have sores that do not clear up in a couple of days or weeks, you ought to visit your medical professional.

On the other hand, erythroplakia, or red sores are a lot more likely to become malignant. These lesions present as a red spot in the mouth and can frequently not be credited to other causes. In general, any mouth lesion that has unclear up in 2 weeks or less ought to be examined by your physician.

In addition to these sores, other indications of cancer consist of a lump or thickening in soft oral tissue, discomfort in the throat, a feeling that something is captured in the throat, difficulty chewing or swallowing, trouble moving the jaw or tongue, feeling numb of the tongue or other mouth locations, swelling of the jaw, as well as ear pain. Again, any of these signs that persist for more than 2 weeks need to be examined by your physician.

How You Can Prevent Oral Cancer

Early detection and treatment drastically decreases the danger of death and recurrence or oral cancer. The 5-year survival rate of this form of cancer leaps to more than 80% when the cancer is detected early, before it infects other parts of the body. Additionally, when cancer has metastasized, 5 year survival drops to about a third of cases. Fortunately, there are numerous indication of this type of cancer that make early detection, and for that reason earlier treatment, more than possible. This is why you must contact your physician should any of the indications of oral cancer be present in your mouth.

Finally, there are a number of threat factors for oral cancer; by preventing these dangers, you can greatly decrease your chance of developing oral cancer. Most of oral cancer cases are linked to cigarette smoking or heavy alcohol usage; the mix of alcohol or tobacco utilize poses a much greater risk for cancer than if you had used these substances alone. Like lots of cancers, age, diet plan, and overall health are likewise connected with oral cancers. You should constantly try to get a lot of exercise, consume healthy foods, and prevent the overexposure to the sun to reduce your threat of cancer.

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