Many people dream of having a beautiful set of teeth like their favorite celebrities. Fortunately, everyone can turn this dream into reality with the help of dentistry! There are now various means for people to have their smiles improved. From cosmetic dentistry to restorative and even orthodontics – there is a sure way to handle any dental concerns.

For those who have always been conscious of how malocclusions and misalignments affect their aesthetics, orthodontics have several options they can consider. Nowadays, the most preferred method by most people is Invisalign. It is an approach that uses clear aligners made from thermoplastic that is molded based on the impressions taken from each patient. It aims to straighten the teeth effectively while eliminating the usual hassles associated with the traditional procedure. One factor of Invisalign that gained the favor of many orthodontic patients is its virtually invisible approach for teeth straightening. Aside from this, there are more other reasons that make the clear orthodontic aligner worth it. Continue reading below.


Top Reasons to Get Invisalign

Quicker results

Although the treatment duration usually varies from patient to patient, Invisalign happens to correct teeth positioning in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional option. However, this is only possible if the patient strictly observes the recommended wear time and replacements.

Easy maintenance

It is quite hard to clean the teeth if some wires and brackets are bonded on the enamel. Fortunately, clear aligners are completely removable so patients can practice normal hygiene habits when cleaning their teeth. When it comes to the oral appliance, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gentle soap, and warm water would suffice.

Doubles as a teeth protector

Teeth grinding and clenching can unconsciously occur in the morning and night times. Since patients are required to wear the clear aligners most of the time, it acts as a cushion that prevents the excessive forces from causing the teeth harm.

Improves nutritional intake

People with bad bites are more likely to have trouble chewing and breaking down foods; as a result, a patient is more likely to suffer from poor nutrition. Having the teeth straightened improves the chewing ability of a patient. With that said, during the treatment with Invisalign, people can already enjoy any food without restrictions since the appliance can be easily removed.

Bonus benefits:

  • Improved speech
  • Routine cleanings would be quicker
  • The strain on the jaw is reduced
  • Improves the jaw alignment
  • Boosts the overall wellness of a person

Let us at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry help you achieve your dream of having a straighter, healthy, and beautiful smile with Invisalign!


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