patient getting dental care treatmentsOral care is good for our teeth and gums. Almost all of us are fully aware of this. With regular oral hygiene maintenance, we can have a good set of teeth and gums. Also, their timely care and suitable action can be taken for whichever issues regarding them come up.

Which are topmost priorities for us in oral care?

First and foremost, it is important to brush your teeth very properly at least twice in a day. Also, regular flossing is recommended. Other than this, it is important to visit a dentist for regular check-ups every six months or so. Any complaints we have about our teeth and gums will be sorted out on the spot with this action. Also, if there are any serious issues like oral cancer which we are developing will come into the limelight without them coming into a stage when they are not curable.

In oral care, it is also important that any teeth which are broken, injured or missing, be replaced or have the endodontic treatment done on them. Teeth which are beyond the stage of being salvaged should be replaced. This can be done with dentures or with dental implants. The dentist will recommend the line of treatment for you which he feels will work the best. The final choice in the matter rests with the patient.

What is teeth whitening?

Sometimes our teeth get stained. This can happen with age, if we are consuming too many dark colored beverages or drinks, or not maintaining good oral care, among other reasons. One can go in for teeth whitening – this can be done at the dental office or even at home. However, a dentist’s help is recommended in most cases. Sometimes, we can do teeth whitening with over the counter dental whitening products which are available in the market. However, these take time and may not be all that reliable.

What is the difference between dentures and dental implants?

If we have missing tooth or teeth, these should be replaced. Or else, what may happen is that the other teeth adjacent to them will also become loose with time and these too will fall off or develop infections in them. The dentist recommends dentures or dental implants, depending on case to case basis.

Dentures have to be removed at night before sleeping and placed in a container full of distilled water.

Dental implants are permanent. These constitute two portions – one is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone. The jaw bone grows around it naturally with time and fixes it in place. On top, the visible portion is the crown. This is the part of the tooth as we see it. It is in the shape, structure, and function of a normal tooth. One can have the dental implants treatment done for the full or partial set of teeth, depending upon whichever line of treatment is required.

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