Keeping your children safe and healthy often times feels like a full-time job. Getting them to maintain regular oral hygiene and practice healthy cleaning habits can also be quite a challenge, especially for young children who would much rather play in the sink water than scrub their mouth.

A Healthy Approach to a Daily Ritual

Fortunately, brushing does not have to be that dreaded experience most kids make it out to be. As a parent, there are a few tricks you can employ to actually make it fun and enjoyable.

Your kids will be more apt to brush their teeth and you will have the peace of mind knowing they are staying healthy. Take these tips from your trusted Atlanta dentist and apply them consistently to inspire smart habits.

Getting Your Children on the Right Track

  • Be a good role model – This goes for just about everything, but is something your children will be quick to acknowledge when it comes to cleaning their teeth. If you are not practicing what you are preaching, then guess what? Neither will they! Consider brushing with them morning and night to help maintain a daily schedule. Simply telling your children how to hold their toothbrush and how long to brush back and forth across their teeth is not as effective as giving them an example to emulate.
  • Choose kid-friendly toothpaste – Your little ones’ mouths are a bit more sensitive than yours, which is why buying a non-fluoride, flavored brand is recommended. If you are unsure of which kind to buy, ask your Atlanta dentists for help.
  • Explain the importance – Children are smart, quick learners, so provide an explanation as to why they should be brushing their teeth. Rather than simply saying “because I say so” or “you have to,” tell them that it helps to keep them from getting sick and that their  dentist will want to see they are doing a good job!

Make sure your children see their dentists in Atlanta at least twice per year, as their teeth are still developing and require greater care.