How to Keep Teeth White and Bright After Professional Teeth Whitening in Atlanta, GA

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How to Keep Teeth White and Bright After Professional Teeth Whitening in Atlanta, GA

Professional teeth whitening do not offer permanent effects. Months—or even just days after the treatment, the previous shade of the teeth will come back if patients neglect the dentist’s instructions. At Downtown Atlanta Dentistry, we recommend everyone to follow these tips below for them relish a white smile for long years.

Professional Teeth Whitening: Aftercare Tips

Guard your teeth against stains

The first tip is not the easiest. Who can easily give up morning coffees? Who’s not tempted to sip a glass of red wine during a romantic dinner? Not all people are comfortable to stick with plain water solely. But despite incorporating pigmented juices in your diet, preventing teeth stains is still possible. The key is to make the colorful liquids bypass the teeth, and drinking straws will help you achieve it. Use a straw when quenching teeth-staining drinks. By doing so, you can safeguard your teeth from being discolored.

Rinsing after eating should be observed

Dental professionals recommend brushing the teeth twice, specifically in the morning and at night. Since over-brushing is not advised, we suggest rinsing your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash or water every after meals. Rinsing can loosen the food particles that had gathered in the mouth after eating. If sugar and acid particles are cleared from the teeth, cavities that can create discoloration are prevented.

Incorporate crunchy snacks in your meal

There are foods that patients need to avoid to maintain the brightness of their pearly whites. And there are also foods that they need to include in their diets to get bright, white smiles. Fresh, crunchy fruits and veggies such as cucumber, celery, pears, carrots, or apples have significant benefits to the teeth. They all help wash away plaque so that the pearly whites will stay healthy-looking as possible. Crunchy snacks act as a toothbrush that polishes the surfaces of the teeth too! Aside from these, they as well promote good saliva flow—perfect for those who want their breath to stay fresh!

These tips may be simple, but they can do a lot for the pearly whites. After whitening your teeth in our clinic, remember to follow the instructions mentioned above for maximum results. Do not hesitate to contact our practice if you need touch-ups. Like what we have said, professional teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. You need to undergo the treatment periodically to enjoy a lasting white smile.

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Discover the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings – Atlanta, GA

Dental Checkup

Receiving news that you have a cavity is not the most pleasant. Aside from the terror of suffering from a toothache, the idea of undergoing a restorative treatment is also frightening. At Downtown Atlanta Dentistry, we want our patients to understand that it is best to seek professional assistance to prevent the spread of cavities effectively. At our practice, we offer an aesthetically pleasing and safe solution to cavities in the form of tooth-colored fillings.


What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

As its name implies, it is a type of restoration that uses materials like composite resin to mimic real teeth as close as possible. Although they are not as durable as the other traditional materials used, they can still withstand for many years. However, before providing the said treatment, the dentist would first check the state of the patient’s teeth. If the decayed portion is too large for a filling, a different solution may be provided to not cause them any problem in the future.


Benefits of a Tooth-Colored Filling

  • Since the tooth-colored fillings are securely bonded on the teeth, patients are assured that the functionality of their oral structures is restored.
  • Dentists make sure to pick a shade that resembles the color of the teeth to make it less noticeable and natural.
  • Unlike the traditional materials used, a tooth-colored filling requires less removal of the teeth structure to make way for its placement.
  • Materials like amalgam, when placed on the teeth, tend to expand and contract if exposed to hot or cold substances. As a result, the tooth becomes more likely to break. Fortunately, there is no such risk with tooth-colored fillings.
  • The material used is known to be free from mercury, so the safety of a patient is secured.
  • Patients do not need to spend several days or weeks to have their tooth filled. As soon as the numbing effects of local anesthesia kick in, the dentist can proceed efficiently and effectively so the patient can enjoy their restored smile in one sitting.

With all these benefits, patients are more likely to consider having their teeth restored with a tooth-colored filling. But, if they have more questions about the procedure, feel free to contact us at our practice.

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The Interesting History of Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

Before the emergence of porcelain, hydrogen peroxide, and composite resin, people in the past utilized unusual materials to improve their smiles. They started taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry practices 3000 BC ago. Although modern facilities and techniques are not yet present during those times, some of the methods that ancient individuals used are indeed remarkable.


Cosmetic Dentistry


The Strange Things

No one likes to live with an incomplete set of teeth. Even people living thousands of years ago looked for ways to aid missing teeth. They used ivory, bone, and real human teeth as replacements for lost teeth. On the other hand, the Egyptians performed a more barbaric procedure by hammering seashells in the person’s gums to combat the unsightly appearance of their smiles due to missing teeth.

An even weirder method

In the present day, those who would like to change their haircut often go to the salon. But what if we tell you that during the early 1100s  people used to run to the local barber to have their dental work done?

Oddly Satisfying

Whitening toothpaste is not a thing of the past – and so is floss! Guess what? People before are fond of cleaning their teeth with the help of sticks! Luckily, the fabrication of the first bristle toothbrush took place when the 1400s came. But it is not your typical brush; it is uniquely made from animal hair.

The Real Birth

The 1800s became a turning point for dentistry. Instead of sticking to carved dentures and human teeth, metals were made available to replace lost teeth. Around 1770, the first dentures tailored from porcelain materials dawned. The creation of rubber-based false teeth and durable jacket crown happened as well.

The technological era

Along with the advances in technology comes the popularity of cosmetic dentistry services. Lasers, state-of-the-art mediums, and improved techniques are now used to give people a more comfortable experience. Many dental offices like us at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry deliver different treatments to provide patients with an ever beautiful-looking smiles.


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5 Remarkable Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry – Atlanta, GA

Many people seek out dental treatments that can enhance the appearance of their smile in order to increase their level of self-confidence. Cosmetic Dentistry provides a variety of options and procedures such as Veneers, Bonding, tooth-Colored Fillings, and Tooth Whitening.

A person’s smile can be of great impact, especially in making first impressions. Other people look up to icons and known personalities because of their looks and smile so ordinary persons try to make the most out of their pocket to achieve such beauty. With Cosmetic Dentistry Services offered at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry, they can attain a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There are many reasons why people seek cosmetic dental treatments. The same goes that Cosmetic Dentistry is a great help and offers many benefits to patients who want to undergo cosmetic procedures. Here are the following:

  • Corrects Cosmetic Dental Flaws. Cosmetic Dentistry corrects teeth irregularities such as a misshapen, stained, chipped, cracked, gapped teeth and more minor dental issues. As it is said, one of the most significant benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry is Versatility. Treating undesirable dental flaws can even make the patients look younger!
  • Prevents Future Dental Problems. When minor cosmetic dental issues are treated right away, complications and development of more serious dental health-related problems will be avoided. Even though cosmetic dental procedures are merely designed to correct the appearance of the teeth and the smile, it offers a lot more. Veneers, for example, can strengthen the teeth. Tooth-colored Fillings restore damaged teeth in a less invasive way and many other treatments that provide more than just one benefit to patients.
  • Improves Self-confidence and Self-esteem. Many Cosmetic dental treatments use materials and processes that provide a more natural-looking result. While some patients boast that they have undergone dental treatments, other prefer to keep it a secret. Cosmetic Dentistry can help regarding that matter and would provide even more excellent results. After the procedures patients may feel a lot better and feel more confident about themselves.
  • Improves the overall health of a person. Aside from enhancing a person’s appearance, teeth, and smile, Cosmetic dental treatments aid in improving the health of a person. Treatments help correct teeth problems, and when these issues are addressed, the patients can go back living their normal life as well as eat whatever food they like! Cosmetic procedures strengthen the teeth and at the same time the teeth’s function so patients can eat solid foods better than before. They can even enjoy firm and crisps fruits and vegetables too!
  • Long-lasting Effects. Cosmetic dentistry provides lasting results which in turn can help you save and not worry about additional expenses. The effects can last up to 10 years and would be an advantage for patients who intend to maintain their health within a budget.


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Top 5 cosmetic dentistry procedures in Atlanta

These are the top five cosmetic dentistry procedure that dentists commonly perform to solve oral health problems we have.


a lady uses dental floss for proper oral hygiene

Inlays and Onlays

The procedure is known for using indirect fillings that are made in an off-site laboratory. Fillings are bonded to the teeth to treat mild to moderate damages or decays during the second visit. Inlay and onlay work is done if the tooth structure’s damage is great but still has sufficient healthy tooth to avoid the need for a crown. The procedure allows the dentist to preserve the original tooth structure.

To compare inlays and onlays, inlays are applied when the damage is on the top edges of the cusps. Meanwhile, onlay is done if the damage extends down to the cusps of the tooth.

Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is the easiest and the least expensive procedure cosmetic dentistry. It is a special filling used in restoring, reshaping, and as well as rejuvenating the teeth. Composite bonding improves both the appearance and the function of our teeth. The procedure includes applying a thin layer of tooth-colored plastic to the front of the teeth.  Clay will be sculpted to correct the following issues like chipped or cracked tooth, misshaped tooth, stained tooth and also the spaces between the teeth.

The two types of Dental bonding are:

  • Single filling – this could be done in one appointment only and procedures above can be performed.
  • Complex fillings – these may need at least two appointments, and a temporary filling will be used until the permanent filling is finished.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a quick treatment for issues such as stained, chipped, gapped teeth. It is a thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the original enamel of the teeth. Veneers are custom-made to match the contour of the teeth for a natural look.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the effective way of lightening the natural color of our teeth. It doesn’t involve any surgery or any removal of teeth. It may not be a complete color change, but it can help in lightening the existing color.


Dental implants are commonly known to be effective solutions in replacing missing teeth. The implant is a post (titanium) that is placed in the jawbone beneath the gum line to hold the artificial tooth. The procedure can be done to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all teeth.

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Four Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry, Atlanta

  1. Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures which can be undertaken to improve the facial structure and appearance of the patient. This involves procedures for teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, composite bonding and inlay and just work. Teeth whitening can be done at home and the dental clinic. For at home procedures, one needs to wear teeth whitening trays. These are manufactured at the dental laboratory after taking an impression of the teeth and gums. These are worn over the teeth and gums for a given number of days for a given duration of time each day. Slowly, but surely, the teeth start to whiten. The procedure in the dental clinic revolves around first prepping up the teeth. An activating gel is then smeared over them, and a laser beam is passed over the teeth for a given duration of time at a given intensity.
  2. Composite bonding involves the use of a composite resin on the teeth. It can be used to fix broken or cracked teeth, stained teeth and gaps in between teeth. Also, it can be made use of for making the teeth appear longer than what they are. However, this resin is not very strong and hence care, and precautions should be taken with its use. Also, the resin can easily get stained or yellowed if too much intake of tea, coffee, red wine or other such drinks is done. Also, it can stain with excessive use of tobacco and other such products.
  3. Dental veneer cosmetic dentistry treatment is a process of cementing a thin dental aid onto the surface of the tooth. This can be used to make the tooth appear longer or broader than what it is. Also, it can be used for removing the ill effect of teeth staining, among other reasons. However, one should be careful while using veneers. They can break or crack if the patient bites into a food item which is very hard or sticky.
  4. Dental implant treatment to is a form of cosmetic dentistry. This is permanent. Also, implants can last the entire duration of the lifetime of a person if they are cared for properly. The implant treatment involves drilling a titanium screw into the jaw bone of the patient. The jaw bone grows around the implant naturally, and it becomes firm in its place in a matter of three to four months. A dental crown or cap is placed atop the implant to function as the tooth which the world sees. Implants are such that the person’s original manner of eating, smiling and talking is restored. Also, they look so much the original set of teeth of the patient that he or she does not feel conscious at all with them. They need to be shown to the dentist on a periodic basis for minor adjustments. However, they should be looked after as one would do for one’s natural teeth for them to last as long as is possible.

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Cosmetic dentistry can hugely be satisfying for both dental experts and customers but at the same time the potential for issues is big and when issue do emerge the expenditures involved and optional nature of the treatment that can make it very hard for oral professional to control the situations which can take place if you fail to fulfill the client’s expectation. Click here to read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Revamp Your Smile!

Are you among those who have to think before they smile? Smiling is something that which is very personal and nothing should ever put you off from smiling, especially discolored, broken or chipped teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which deals with providing relief to individuals who are suffering from any sort of dental trouble which compels people into thinking before smiling. Cosmetic dentistry procedure involves various techniques which help in perfecting the smile of an individual.  Click here to read more »

Cosmetic Dentists Atlanta to the Rescue for Perfect Teeth and Gums

Atlanta is a bustling city and it always has the best of products and services. Needless to say, it is also one of the best places to get medical treatment and this also includes dental cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic dentists Atlanta make sure that their patients get the best ever treatment with the help of latest technology and the best of treatments from around the world are provided to the patients. The charges are inexpensive and yet patients can get access to the best treatments and services that there is. Click here to read more »


Cosmetic dentistry is aimed at creating a positive change to a person’s teeth and to the smile. It is their firm belief that aesthetic dentistry must complement the overall general and oral health of the patient. Smile enhancement can have dramatic results on the patient’s overall appearance; even the smallest step can boost confidence, self-esteem. With modern advances in dentistry, cosmetic procedures can range from correcting the colour to replacing any missing or misaligned teeth, and everything in between. In hindsight, the Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta is restorative dentists who have extensively studied the concepts of smile design and dental work in order to create teeth which are very much artistic.

The Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta goes beyond just restoring an individual’s teeth so that they function properly, seeking to attain the most ideal result according to the patient. Some of the treatments involved are, teeth whitening (for discoloured teeth), composite bonding (improves and strength of chipped teeth), porcelain veneers (a substitute for enamel, which can correct imperfections), porcelain crowns (damaged teeth replaced by hardened and natural looking structures), dental implants (titanium is used), inlays and onlays (fillings are fabricated to attach on the biting surface). The Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta also offers tooth-coloured fillings, orthodontic aligners (to be used instead of metal braces), gum surgery; tooth contouring and reshaping for a proper smile.

Some of the Pros suggested by the Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta are:

Enhances the facial appearance, removes stains, corrects tooth defects and treats gum related problems.

Some Cons:

-It can be expensive; especially the more complex procedures like veneers and implants. Some of these treatments may cause pain both during and after procedure, and require pain medication. Post-procedure care involves an adequate amount of rest and also to avoid certain types of food.

It is advisable to contact the Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta as early as possible to book an appointment in case of any dental emergency.