Bleachorexia is being seen more often by Atlanta dentists every day. Bleachorexia is a disorder that involves a patient never feeling like their teeth are white enough. A patient will overuse bleaching products which eventually can cause damage to the gums as well as serious erosion of their tooth enamel. Dentists in Atlanta are helping to identify patients that are over-using bleaching products and putting them in touch with mental health professionals that can help with this disorder.


Often people with Bleachorexia are trying to achieve the perfect white smile that they see on their favorite Hollywood celebrities. They may purchase over-the-counter tooth whitening products or they may ask their Atlanta cosmetic dentist to professionally whiten their teeth. At times, they may also visit the whitening kiosks that are in a local mall. However, one of the concerns that the American Dental Association (ADA) has with the mall kiosks is that they do not always meet sanitary standards and some of the technicians have not met minimum training recommendations.


One of the first signs that a patient is overusing whitening products is that they become sensitive to hot and cold foods or beverages. This symptom is indicative to the beginnings of damage to tooth enamel. The bleaching agents can erode the tooth’s enamel, exposing more and more of the dentin which affects the tooth’s structure. Another sign of over-bleaching is sore and painful gums. Infections can occur along the gum line and this not only can lead to tooth loss, but it can also cause heart disease. Dentists in Atlanta, Ga. are now seeing a rise in patients that suffer from Bleachorexia  and even some patients are showing signs that they have ingested too much peroxide, which is used as a bleaching agent. Swallowing large amounts of peroxide can lead to health problems.


While occasional whitening can help remove stains on teeth it is best to visit a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta to have the procedure performed by  a professional. That way you can be sure that safe and effective products and methods are used. At Downtown Atlanta Dentistry they offer professional Atlanta teeth whitening options, using state-of-the -art products and methods that are safe and effective. They also know what signs to look for if Bleachorexia is suspected in a patient.