Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

These are the top five cosmetic dentistry procedure that dentists commonly perform to solve oral health problems we have.


Cosmetic Dentistry Inlays and Onlays

This procedure is known for indirect fillings that depend on the damage of the surface of the teeth. These are made by a dental laboratory and are used for mild to moderate damage or decay either there is not enough tooth structure to support the filling. When there is no damage to the tooth cusps, inlay will be placed directly on the tooth surface. And if there is greater damage portion of the tooth cusps, onlay will be applicable.

Ideal candidates for these procedures are the ones which have too much damage to the tooth structure that can be treated by applying a filling and still has healthy tooth remaining to avoid the need for the crown. Dental inlay and onlay procedures are used when the old filling needs to be removed or to replace. To compare inlays and onlays, inlays are applied when the damage is on the top edges of the cusps. Meanwhile, onlay is more extensive as it extends down to the cusps of the treated tooth.


Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is the easiest and the least expensive procedure cosmetic dentistry. It is a special filling in restoring, reshaping, and as well as rejuvenating our teeth. It improves both the appearance and the function of our teeth. Bonding is applying a thin layer of tooth-colored plastic to the front of the teeth by sculpturing like clay to correct the following issues which are chipped or cracked tooth, misshaped tooth, stained tooth and also the spaces between our teeth.


There are two types of Dental bonding which are:

Single filling – this could be done in one appointment only and procedures above can be performed.

Complex fillings – these may need at least two appointments and the placement of a temporary filling while the custom shape and color is still made in the lab.


Dental Veneers

Do you have stained, chipped, gapped teeth? Dental veneers are quick treatment these issues to have a great smile, but on the other hand, it is irreversible. Having these treatment needs a big decision. It is a thin piece of porcelain that is used to provide a natural looking teeth. Veneers are custom made to contour your teeth and bonded to the original enamel of the teeth.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the effective way of lightening the natural color of our teeth. It doesn’t involve any surgery or any removal of teeth. It may not be a complete color change, but it can help in lightening the existing color. There are a lot of ways of whitening our teeth as technology and related products arise. It may be by home whitening kits, dental appointments and more. The most common method for teeth whitening is Professional Bleaching.



Dental implants are commonly known and effectively in replacing missing teeth due to periodontal issues, injury or some other reasons and which are designed to blend with the remaining teeth. Implants may be in these following procedures on replacing a single tooth, several teeth, all our teeth, Sinus Augmentation(a surgery that adds bones to the upper jaw part in molars and premolars) and Ridge Modification(regrowing a damaged jaw bone that it can accept implant). These procedures are an excellent long-term option to restore and maintain the smile we had. These are common to adults above 50 years old where most of them lost their permanent teeth. An ideal candidate for this procedure must be in good general and oral health and best when the patient has healthy gum free of any periodontal issues. Implants are intimately connected to the gum tissues and the bones underlying the mouth.

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Ten Benefits of Good Oral and Dental Care Health in Atlanta and Why You Should Go for It?

  1. Oral and dental care if extremely important. The sooner we realize this, the better it is for us. For one, it means lesser number of trips to the dentist and having surgeries and procedures performed on us. This in itself is a big relief.
  2. Oral and dental care means one has a sparkling smile with pearly, shining white teeth at all times. This is such a pleasant sight to see and behold in others – then obviously it is for us too to have such a nice and bright set of teeth.
  3. No toothaches and headaches due to dental issues is a big thing. A toothache, as per some, is the second most painful ache in the body after a heart attack. Thus, if we are done with toothaches, it means a lot of problems sorted out right at the very onset.
  4. Regular oral and dental care also mean that we keep ailments like oral cancer at bay. Regular check-ups mean that we are screened for such ailments which can even turn life-threatening if they are allowed to progress into later stages.
  5. Also, regular check-ups will also screen us for dental maladies like gingivitis. This ailment can turn into a much harsher version called periodontitis if it is allowed to progress. Thus, it is a good idea to go in for regular oral and dental care.
  6. Dental health care on a regular basis means that even our milk teeth are taken care of. Some of the children these days do not care much for the milk teeth thinking these are soon going to fall off. This is an incorrect approach since our oral and dental habits are best formed during childhood years.
  7. Oral and dental care also means that we get counseling about good dietary habits which will ensure that our teeth and gums stay healthy and strong. This is good for our systems, and it bodes well for us at all times.
  8. Oral and dental care also means that we are screened for irregular or misaligned teeth. In events our teeth are irregular, we can get counseled for dental health about when to get braces, aligners or retainers placed on our teeth. This will help matters in us getting a smiling visage with straightened, regular kind of teeth.
  9. Oral and dental care on a regular basis will ensure that we do not get stained or yellowed teeth. Thus it saves us the time, effort and money to have our teeth cosmetically whitened. This has to be done if our teeth are stained since it does not give a good look at all and speaks of oral mismanagement and neglect of our teeth and gums.
  10. If teeth are not properly taken care of on time, it means bigger and more complicated problems later on. Thus, it is a wise decision to take care of teeth and gums on a regular basis to avoid getting into lengthy and complicated dental programs later on in the day.

Four Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry, Atlanta

  1. Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures which can be undertaken to improve the facial structure and appearance of the patient. This involves procedures for teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, composite bonding and inlay and just work. Teeth whitening can be done at home and the dental clinic. For at home procedures, one needs to wear teeth whitening trays. These are manufactured at the dental laboratory after taking an impression of the teeth and gums. These are worn over the teeth and gums for a given number of days for a given duration of time each day. Slowly, but surely, the teeth start to whiten. The procedure in the dental clinic revolves around first prepping up the teeth. An activating gel is then smeared over them, and a laser beam is passed over the teeth for a given duration of time at a given intensity.
  2. Composite bonding involves the use of a composite resin on the teeth. It can be used to fix broken or cracked teeth, stained teeth and gaps in between teeth. Also, it can be made use of for making the teeth appear longer than what they are. However, this resin is not very strong and hence care, and precautions should be taken with its use. Also, the resin can easily get stained or yellowed if too much intake of tea, coffee, red wine or other such drinks is done. Also, it can stain with excessive use of tobacco and other such products.
  3. Dental veneer cosmetic dentistry treatment is a process of cementing a thin dental aid onto the surface of the tooth. This can be used to make the tooth appear longer or broader than what it is. Also, it can be used for removing the ill effect of teeth staining, among other reasons. However, one should be careful while using veneers. They can break or crack if the patient bites into a food item which is very hard or sticky.
  4. Dental implant treatment to is a form of cosmetic dentistry. This is permanent. Also, implants can last the entire duration of the lifetime of a person if they are cared for properly. The implant treatment involves drilling a titanium screw into the jaw bone of the patient. The jaw bone grows around the implant naturally, and it becomes firm in its place in a matter of three to four months. A dental crown or cap is placed atop the implant to function as the tooth which the world sees. Implants are such that the person’s original manner of eating, smiling and talking is restored. Also, they look so much the original set of teeth of the patient that he or she does not feel conscious at all with them. They need to be shown to the dentist on a periodic basis for minor adjustments. However, they should be looked after as one would do for one’s natural teeth for them to last as long as is possible.

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6 Oral Health Facts You Need to Know, Atlanta

Here are six oral health facts that an average person needs to know today, straight from the office of the best dentist in Atlanta-

  1. One must always maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure better dental aesthetics and better oral health. A healthy diet and regular exercising is the key to a healthy smile. Through these means, there is a huge chance of you not contracting any gum diseases and other major dental problems like cavities.
  2. You need to slowly and steadily aim for a good oral hygiene practice. A white smile would not just happen to you in one day; it would take certain changes in your habits to achieve it. For this, you would need to start with your routine by brushing every day, twice. You could begin by brushing 2 minutes every day and gradually increase it. You would want to make sure you are also following the interdental cleaning practices- the dental flossing. This needs to be done because your toothbrush cannot reach everywhere. All of the areas of your mouth are cleaned this way. Apart from this, you should rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash to keep your smile healthy.
  3. You should try to maintain a good technique for brushing and flossing. You will want to consult your dentist for the same if you are clueless regarding the right technique. But first, you should begin by choosing a toothbrush that can fit in your mouth and your teeth. You would want to use your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees and move your brush bristles back and forth in gentle strokes. You should make sure that you are brushing your teeth, the outer surface, inner surface and the biting surface carefully. You should also mildly brush your tongue as well.
  4. You must choose toothpaste which caters to the specific dental problems you suffer from. Your cavity related issues can be solved with one toothpaste, while the bad breath issues with some other, same goes for issues related to tartar development, staining issues, and tooth sensitivity. Consult your dental care provider regarding the issues you have; they might be able to recommend the correct toothpaste to you for your benefit.
  5. If you are a parent, reading this article, the best dentist in Atlanta requests you to develop dental care habits in your child as early as possible. Children are prone to the dental caries problems, and their dental aesthetics and their smile would have to suffer a lot, throughout their life, if not taken care of in the right time. If your children grow up with ill dental habits, this is going to haunt them forever, no matter how old they are in the future. You must consult your dental care provider, the pediatric dentist to know ways to take care of your child’s smile and how to preserve the innocence in the same.
  6. You should pay your dentist a regular visit, and must not wait for too long for the problems to crop up in a loaded form. Seeing your dental care provider at least two times every year is going to help maintain your smile for a lifetime. The professional touch of the best dentist in Atlanta can change your life for the better.
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What Do Overcrowded Teeth Mean in Atlanta?

For the record, occlusion is the exact required amount of overlap and correctness regarding placement of the upper and lower jaw teeth. The upper teeth should be ideally fitting slightly over the teeth in the lower jaw for ideal dentition. There should not be any overcrowding or crookedness in the teeth in the upper or lower jaws. Malocclusion is when this happens. Malocclusion of the first category type is a normal bite but severe crowding of the teeth. Category two means when there is an overbite or an instance when the teeth in the upper jaw sort of overlap the ones in the lower jaw but far more than they should. Category three is when there is a condition of underbite when the lower jaw teeth overlap the upper jaw. The symptoms of malocclusion are misaligned or irregularly placed teeth. Obviously, you need to straighten these out. Overly crowded teeth, as is obvious, also need correction.

What are braces and retainers?

These are dental devices and aids which help in straightening out irregularly placed teeth. Sometimes children and even adults have such a condition. This can lead to a loss of self-esteem and confidence levels of the given person since they may be made the butt of jokes by even friends and relatives. Thus to restore their smile value back and even to have correct dentition so that they can eat and talk properly, it is necessary to have a corrective treatment done.
What is best about braces and retainers is that with these, the self-confidence and esteem levels of a given person can be restored. However, this treatment is a bit longer since it will take a minimum of up to a year. Also, the person, after wearing braces for about this duration of time also needs to wear retainers for about six months or even more. This is to ensure that the teeth which have been straightened off do not slip back into their previous misaligned positions. Treatment usually begins by plucking out about four teeth, two each from the upper and lower jaws. This is done to create space for straightening out the teeth. Then comes a period of wearing braces. With these, a set of rubber bands to are placed so that the teeth can slowly but surely be moved into the correct positioning patterns. This may cause a bit of discomfort to the patient for two to three days each time the rubber bands are removed and fresh ones put in their place. The entire action of shifting the teeth can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is something which is well worth the time, effort and money which goes into it. Also, wearing retainers too can be a bit cumbersome. However, these can be removed at some point in time during the day or night for a while and need not be worn around the clock, in most events. However, the dentist is the best judge of the situation and his or her instructions should be followed.

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Why Should You Get Invisalign Treatment, Atlanta?

In earlier days, when people suffered from misaligned teeth or crooked teeth, they used to opt for the orthodontics treatment. The traditional orthodontics treatment included the metal wired braces. These braces created various embarrassing situations for many people during their prime adolescent years when image meant everything. Various adults who never underwent the orthodontics treatment during their teenage years were now young working professionals too scared to opt for the braces.
The two major scares people met with when they opted for the traditional braces were:

  • Issues with their visibility
  • Issues with changing their dietary habits.

With the major advances, the field of dentistry has made today; it is no longer required to undergo the same problems and the same fears as people underwent earlier. Today the whole game has changed. People are now opting for the new and clear orthodontics treatment for straightening and maintaining their smiles.
The Invisalign treatment is a revolution to the field of dentistry. The Invisalign is a form of clear braces which are clear and are custom made for each person, because of the differences in the shape and size of the dental aesthetics of various people. Invisalign are made out of a biocompatible thermoplastic material developed in a unique way for every individual.

The treatment would take an average period of about one year but might take more depending on how severe your dental condition is right now. For the duration of the treatment, you would be required a set of aligners, with certain adjustments according to your dental aesthetics. These aligners are supposed to be placed on your teeth all the time, and they would make sure your teeth undergo shifting changes, which is going to make your teeth straight.

Here are certain reasons why you need to opt for the new and revolutionary Invisalign treatment

  • In comparison to the traditional and conventional braces, the Invisalign do not have to be worn at every minute of the day. Instead, the Invisalign braces can be taken off when you need to take them off. You do not have to wear them 24 hours a day, every day. When you are into a particular physical activity, you can opt to take them off to save them from potential damages. They can also be taken off when you are eating something, or brushing your teeth and flossing. However, you must make sure that you do wear your Invisalign aligners for a considerable period to make sure the treatment works at a fast pace.
  • The Invisalign treatment is not going to cause any irritation and trouble to your surrounding your dental aesthetics. They are in fact going to be more comfortable and better as compared to the traditional braces. Moreover, you would not have to face the judgmental eyes of the people around you.

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What is Teeth Whitening Treatment, Atlanta?

Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure with which the teeth get whitened by several degrees or grades. It can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic. For teeth whitening in the dental clinic, one has first to have the teeth prepped up for it. Then, a whitening gel or paste is smeared onto the teeth. A laser beam is passed through the teeth for a given duration of time at a given intensity. This will, in turn, “stick” the gel or paste onto the teeth and thereby, whiten them up. This procedure may be repeated once more time for effective results. Click here to read more »

The Biggest Contribution of Dentistry Crowns to Humanity in Atlanta, GA

Dentistry Crowns

Dentistry Crowns are a type of tooth-shaped customized dental prosthetics that cover our damaged teeth, or any implants, to protect them while maintaining their shape size as well as their color. This type of dental restoration helps cap the entire tooth, encircling it and keeping it intact. There can be cases of cavities which can cause a major threat to the overall dental health of a person, in these cases dentistry crowns are the messiah for our teeth and our oral health. They are fabricated and are bonded to our teeth with the help of dental cement. They tend to, therefore, enhance the strength and appearance of one’s teeth. The reason they are so popular and a boon to the field of dentistry are because this particular dental procedure tends to restore back the strength of the teeth and its shape and size. It helps people face the world confidently, even if they are missing their original teeth. Because of their versatility, they are a popular choice among many. Click here to read more »

The Advantage of Teeth Whitening in Atlanta, GA?

Teeth whitening is a procedure which removes staining of teeth. Via this, the yellowish stains on the teeth are taken care of, and we end up having a bright and sparkling smile. Teeth whitening can be done at the dental clinic as well as at home. The procedures followed at home may not give as good results as those which are undertaken in the dental clinic.


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Four Ways to Improve Your Smiles with Cleaning and Preventions in Atlanta

Dental CleaningOral or dental health is often underrated, but when it comes to the worse, it has negative effects on all of our body parts and the immune system as well. This happens because of the oral-bodily connections. Anything that happens in our mouth is bound to affect the whole body, and vice versa. Click here to read more »